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ShoreStation Docks

When founder Byron Godbersen designed the first ShoreStation back in 1959, he engineered it to work smarter than other lifts, but he also did one other thing – he over-built it. Heavier materials, stronger winches, better cables. Why all the fuss? Well, Byron believed that weekends at the lake should be spent relaxing with the family, not fixing broken equipment. Dependability was key way back then and it still is today. Relax, and spend your weekends doing what you love.

ShoreStation Docks
ShoreStation Classic Dock Sysems
ShoreStation Classic Dock

Looking for a traditional style sectional dock? ShoreStation has just what you need. The modular design of our sectional dock give you the versatility to customize your dock layout to fit your lifestyle with the choice of Nostalgic Cedar or Low Maintenance Aluminum deck options, accessories galore, and ability to rearrange or add sections as your go. Everything is designed with durability and safety in mind from the high quality materials to the wider A-frame stance.

ShoreStation ShoreBridge Dock Systms
ShoreStation ShoreBridge Dock

ShoreBridge™ dock sections feature an attractive caramel-beige powder paint arch truss design with lightweight 2’ x 4’ aluminum deck sections. The drop-in decking is reinforced with 3 crossmembers and locks into place for additional support and rigidity. It is coated with durable sand-beige, powder paint. This non-skid finish is cool to the touch and best of all there are no splinters, no sharp edges, and no nails.

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