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The Barge

MN Dock & Lift first began utilizing fork barges for dock and lift work in 2010. Our first generation fork barge was built on a 22' quad-toon hull and utilized a 150hp outboard power plant. Looking back today, it wasn't much, but it was 100% state of the art at the time and it allowed us to learn how to much more safely and effectively service lake shore equipment. A few years later, we upgraded to our second generation fork barge. For this build, we went with an Elite 25' Tri-Toon Fork Barge with a 300hp outboard power plant. This was an immense upgrade over our first generation barge, and it gave us the ability to work with larger capacity equipment. As the years have gone on, our clients needs have changed and the demand for large capacity boat lifts has grown in the south west metro. This has lead us to our third generation barge.


During the winter of 2018 we began construction of our third generation fork barge. This barge was designed to keep up with the increasing size of boats and subsequent size of boat lifts in the south west metro. At over 30 feet long, our Third Generation Fork Barge is constructed on an Elite Flat Bottom Hull and has a 300hp supercharged outboard power plant. This barge has a 25 foot reach and can handle up to 12,000lb capacity boat lifts. With the flat bottom design, our barge is able to move about the lake from shore to shore quickly and with very minimal wake impact.

Barge Statistics
  • 30 Foot Elite Flat Bottom Hull Design

  • 25 Fork Reach

  • 300HP Mercury Supercharged Verado Power Plant

  • Tandem Axle 42 Foot Goose Neck Ultra Heavy Duty Trailer

  • 12,000LB Boat Lift Capacity

  • Standard Crew of 3

Barge Services
  • Boat & Pontoon Lift Installation & Removal

  • Dock Installation & Removal

  • Equipment Transportation

  • Storm Recovery Work

  • Materials Transportation & Delivery

  • Watercraft Rescue & Recovery


Our History

First Generation Barge (2010-14)
Second Generation Barge (2015-17)

Bricks Box™

During the winter of 2016, we began construction of our new aluminum roll-off box. We call it the Bricks Box™

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Bricks Box™ Capabilities

  • Fire Wood Delivery

  • Sand Delivery

  • Aquatic Weeds & Debris Hall Away

  • Landscape Materials Delivery

  • All Aluminum Construction

  • 1 Ton Weight Capacity

  • Swing Open Door

Bricks Box.JPG

Storm Recovery Services

Our team has an extensive background with storm recovery work. We can work directly with you or your insurance company, and our company is 100% Licensed and Bonded!

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