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Bio-Health Pod Systems aggressively reduce muck while improving water quality and is non-toxic, natural and sustainable. Water is one of our most valuable resources. Bio-Health Pod Systems work by introducing, hosting, growing, and distributing billions of beneficial bacteria into the water and these naturally occurring bacteria consume and digest muck on the lake bottom as well as excessive nutrients suspended in the water. The Bio-Health Pod Systems are an entirely natural and environmentally beneficial technology. Systems deliver entirely natural treatment and are compliant with state and federal agencies.


Bio-Health Pod "Generator" - This is the large blue plastic drum that installs below the water line, beneath the dock and can be mounted to one of the support posts and is where all the bacteria grows and is released into the water. The units housing is also filled with water to help with submerging it below the water's surface. Air is pumped into this unit from a pump on shore and is released beneath the drum where it travels through the system pushing the bacteria out and distributes it into the surrounding water. From here, the billions of bacteria go out and start consuming and digesting muck and algae. The large plastic drum can be considered the main "hotel" for the bacteria and the aeration is the shuttle that pushes them out of the hotel to the surrounding areas of the lake or pond.


Bio-Health Nano Pods - These are where the bacteria go to live once they have left the main pod and are made up of a concrete weight with a tethered float on an adjustable rope and between the weight and the float are six porous blocks. The porous material is a perfect spot for the bacteria to live and reproduce away from the main pod. So the Nano Pods are satellites or "Condos" and are placed in the vicinity where you want the bacteria to consume muck or algae and really become the new home for the bacteria. Once installed for a little while, the Nano Pods become full of bacteria and are spread through-out the entire area that you want the system to work and this is where other prodcuts fail by not giving the bacteria anywhere to live. The Bio-Health Pod System includes 10 of these Nano Pods standard and others can be added.



  • Aggressive Muck Reduction and keeps it away!
  • Algae Suppression
  • Reduces Swimmers Itch
  • Improves Water Quality and Restores Healthy Aquatic Systems
  • All natural, non-toxic and sustainable
  • Easy to install and maintain



  • 1 x Bio-Health Pod
  • 10 x Bio-Health Nano Pods
  • 3 x Bio-Cartridges
  • 1 x Hiblow HP-60 Pressure Air Pump
  • 1 x Faux Rock - Pump Enclosure with 1 base, 4 ground stakes, and 2 spacers
  • 1 x Metal Pole Clamps with hardware
  • 1 x 100 ft ½” ID (Inside Diameter) x ¾” OD (Outside Diameter) Clear Air Hose
  • 2 x Rubber Mounting Straps
  • 1 x Hardware pack for Rubber Mounting Straps



The main Bio-Health Pod systems are very easy to install and maintain. Each system includes a mounting bracket that allows it to be mounted to a dock support or post in the water. The pod needs to be mounted above the lake bottom, but completely submerged to work best. Once installed, the air hose needs to be ran to the unit and this is usually easiest beneath the dock. The unit comes standard with 100' feet of hose can be used if needed. The air hose connects to the pump on shore that is hidden beneath the faux rock and base and the pump needs a GFI protected 110v power source.


The 10 Nano Pods need to be placed around the area where you want the muck and algae to be eaten in about a 400 square foot area. The Nano Pods are adjustable and work in water depths of about two foot to about five foot in depth and work on all types of lake bottoms. Once everything is installed, you can add the bacteria to the main pod and start the pump and aeration.



You will not need a permit for the Bio-Health Pod Systems. These systems deliver entirely natural treatment and are compliant with state and federal agencies.



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